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Hiking & Boat

Indulge in an adventurous day in vineyards and woods, past meadows and creeks, at castles, and on the Moselle, of course. We have compiled some hiking suggestions for you which combine hiking with boat trips. These are return trips which begin in the morning. You’ll be able to return to your point of origin in the evening. In other words, you’ll be lacing up your hiking shoes in the morning, then be on your way, and in the afternoon you can relax on the boat with a glass of wine. And you’ll experience the route you travelled from a completely new perspective.

Tips: Remember to bring along a sufficient amount of water, especially for the longer tours. Wear stable hiking footwear and use sun lotion if the need arises. Be sure to get a hiking map, or use your smartphone to guide the way. Generally everything is signposted, but you’ll feel more secure if you have a good notion of where you are. Don’t worry, you can’t get lost; it’s never more than 3 mi/5 km to the next villages. After all, a little bit of adventure is part of the deal.

We wish you lots of fun hiking and relaxing during your subsequent time on the boat.

Hike along the Moselle Hiking Trail from Bernkastel-Kues to Kloster Machern

7.5 mi / 12 km, walking time about 2.5 hours
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Hike from Bullay to Trarbach

about 10.5 mi / 17 km, walking time about 5-6 hours
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