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Wine Festival in Bernkastel

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Weinfest in Bernkastel  30.08.to 3.9.2018

Enjoj with us the wine festival in Bernkasteland the big firework on Saturday 1.9.2018 21.00

You can come from direction of Trier, Leiwen, Trittenheim and many stopovers to Bernkastel.

Also from direction  Alf, Zell, Traben-Trarbach and Kröv our ships brings you to Bernkastel.

So combine a wonderful Moselle ride with the great votes at the Bernkastel wine festival.

The big firework on Saturday 21.00

Enjoy our boat trips to the Firework in Bernkastel:

Departures to the fireworks of Traben-Trarbach, Kröv and intermediate stations

Also to the Firework from Leiwen Trittenheim and intermediate stations.

Of course you can enjoy the fireworks from the ship.

Also you will be brought back from us.

Returns are after the fireworks  10pm in both directions.

Information call 065419019 oder 065314719

Kontakt für Rückfragen: 065419019 oder 065314719



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