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Hike from Beilstein to Cochem

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about 10 mi / 15 km, walking time about 5 hours

Your hike begins diagonally opposite the yellow dock. Behind a small pump house, the way ascends rather steeply to the “Moselkrampen Hiking Path Adventure.” The entry point is above Beilstein in the vineyards. From there, you can once more enjoy an enchanting view of the “Sleeping Beauty of the Moselle.” This adventure hiking trail winds through vineyards and shady forests all the way to Bruttig-Fankel. There, the next segment of your hike begins…

The Breva Hiking Trail begins in Bruttig at the Moselle bridge and is very well posted. It was painstakingly laid out by the local vintners on their own initiative. You can enjoy the worthwhile view of the Moselle after a steep ascent of the path. This trail winds as well, at times ascending, at times descending, through the steep slopes of the vineyards to Valwig. If you still have it in you and haven’t run out of breath yet, you can continue on the “Apollo Trail,” bringing you all the way to Cochem-Cond. Upon arriving there, you cross the “Old Moselle bridge,” from where you can already see the dock.

The boat brings you back from Cochem to the starting point of your hike in Beilstein on a daily schedule. Times of departure in Cochem toward Beilstein are at 12:00 noon, 1:30 p.m., 3:00 p.m., and 4:15 p.m. The duration is about an hour, including a lock and dam passage. Now, on the boat, is the right time to relax and enjoy a glass of Moselle wine. All our ships have restaurant services.

Enjoy the hike.


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Hike from Bullay to Beilstein

about 10-12.5 mi / 15-20 km, walking time about 4-6 hours
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