Kolb Passenger Ship Service


Internship as a boatman on inland waters

We are always on the lookout for young, dynamic employees, both men and women, to train to serve on boats on inland waters

Training profile:

- contributing to operating inland vessels,
- taking the construction of the boat und the functional relationships on board into consideration during your work,
- operating and monitoring the mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment,
- heeding the special circumstances of the transport routes within the European waterways network into account,
- heeding the navigation channel signs and the traffic rules on waterways,
- contributing to the transport of passengers on passenger boats,
- contributing to the planning of logistic procedures,
- maintaining and servicing boats and their technical equipment,
- recognizing malfunctions and taking measures to correct them

Training period:

Three years
The training takes place on our passenger boats as well as at trade school.

A later transfer and/or advanced training to ship’s master is possible.

If you are interested, send your entire application documents to info@moselrundfahrten.de