Kolb Passenger Ship Service


Boat excursions starting in Trier

Even the ancient Romans were known to enjoy a boat trip on the Moselle or the Saar. We are able to offer you this unique experience nowadays with significantly more comfort in our state-of-the-art cozy passenger ships.

Our program includes panorama return excursions of one or two hours, all-day excursions to Bernkastel-Kues, half-day excursions from Trier to Saarburg, and even Moonlight River excursions with live music.

We are also offering numerous event excursions: whether excursions with fireworks displays, mulled wine excursions, boat trips during the pre-Christmas season, or the grand New Year's Eve excursion with a gala buffet dinner. There's bound to be something for each and every taste!


Discover beautiful landscapes